LaGuardia Airport

We didn’t bring our laptops with us because they’re just too heavy and bulky and even though we’ve been delivering our New Zealand-themed gifts with all appropriate haste, we’re also buying lots and lots and lots of American-themed stuff to take their places. At LaGuardia airport, where I arrived fully four hours before my flight to Tampa, there are all these little table-pod-things with iPads bolted to them, from whence you can, like, order smoothies in addition to catching up on your ridiculous design blogs. I brought two books with me in anticipation of a long day, but I guess that just makes me old fashioned? Of course updating your creaky old blog from publicly-available computer machines is also pretty 2007, but I know no shame.

We traveled for almost two days, with the most physically uncomfortable Pacific crossing of my experience, a nine-hour layover, and then a a three hour delay for the redeye to New York. My dad picked us up and took us to Woodstock and my sister, brother-in-law, and extremely cute nephew met us there. That’s a lot of family all at once; G was a total star, even when he was asked, literally, to put a shrimp on the Barbie. I don’t spend much time with people to whom I am related by blood so I spent much non-jet-lag-recovery time thinking a lot of family thoughts and drinking a lot (a LOT) of iced coffee.

We took the train to the city and met up with my dear Key Girl Marah for about four hours in Central Park–she came from Boston to see me because she is the best. We said goodbye amongst many feelings and emotions and then it was time to go up to Peter and Tracy’s and settle in for some good touristing.

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t visiting New York but I don’t really know anything about the city because I was always doing family stuff and anyway my dad doesn’t go above 14th Street. This time it was all maps and Metro passes and museums –the Tenement Museum being my absolute favorite–and the Pride parade! And lunch at freaky, freaky Google! And the beautiful High Line! And bialys from Kossars! I could see spending more time (and money!) there, next time I’m in the States.

G has flown off to Toronto now and soon I will get on the plane for Tampa, where there will be more family time before driving down to Miami and it’s emotional minefield. The trip is a quarter over and my life in Wellington seems very distant. What does it mean, to be able to switch back and forth so quickly?

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  1. it always like that: when you are in an hemisphere, it seems that your life in the other one has never happened really, just a dream a bit too vivid. It’s like you’ve never left or you’re always been here.
    Hope the trip is carrying on full of awesome things to see, do and think of!