Jul 09

Various Fun Reasons

Whoo, girl, I really should be in bed right now, snuggled up to my hot water bottle(s) but I always feel a little funny when I leave a super emo post up for more than a couple of days, you know, like it all gets a bit dire with all the big questions and vague references but then I’m a bit hesitant to write a silly entry or to just put up a bunch of pictures—not that I’ve been taking any pictures lately, because I always forget to charge my camera batteries and anyway I’m awful at taking pictures and also I still sort of feel I have deteriorated markedly, looks-wise, in the past year, so you know it gets to be this whole cycle where you don’t want to have any pictures of yourself up anywhere but you still know that in five or ten or twenty years you’re going to be all like, dude, why didn’t I get over myself and just take some pictures, because now I have no photographic winter of the antipodean winter of ’09—anyway, I am never sure what to put up after I write a more sort of serious or emotional entry, but that’s not actually why I’ve had a hard time writing, it’s more that I haven’t been home, since, like, last Tuesday, and I had to actually schedule a night off tonight because current trends predict that I will not be home again until next Tuesday, and between getting home late (well, for a school night) and getting up early (pretty much every day of my life, as in I no longer have the physical capacity to sleep in past eight in the morning, and yes, all my mom and dad readers, I know it could be much much worse, but isn’t that sort of one of the points of not having children, that you should be able to sleep in?) there hasn’t been any time to write, which is sad, even though I haven’t been home for various fun reasons like farewell dinners with friends andinternational film festivals and popcorn pajama sleepovers and trips to alternative craft fairs and surprise boat rides—for real, I was with my friend at the craft fair and we had just done some guerilla knitting and then she was all like Hey My Partner Wants To Know If We Want To Go For A Cruise On The Boat and I’m really sorry to admit this to you but my very first reaction was to make this just-drank-sour-milk face and go Uhhhhh…Sure? as if I am offered opportunities to go out on boats every day, which I assure you I am not, and then my other friend with whom I was guerilla knitting was all Hey It’s Always Been My Dream To Go For A Cruise On A Boat and gave me Bambi eyes and even though I was deeply, desperately afraid that the boat would involve salt spray and wind in my face and cold fingers and toes, which I just did not think I could deal with at that point in time, I ever so generously was all like, Sure, Let’s Go On A Cruise On A Boat! all trying to be brave, and I’m really glad we did because it turned out to be the best boat ride ever because my friend played the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra album and it was warm and sunny and I actually stripped down to my singlet top that I was wearing underneath my layers of woollens and my arms were all, hey, what’s this singular sensation we’re feeling now? because they have become so unused to the sun so that was all very exciting and I probably could have got a whole entry out of that but then I had all this other stuff I had to do, like go to the Sunday market and go see more movies at the film fest and go to the bowling alley and have long conversations with really excellent women and read books and drink tea and sit in front of the fire, not to mention the huge pile of laundry I had sitting in my room and all in all it’s been a lot of fun, this last couple of weeks, and I’m happy to say that the next couple of weeks look like a lot of fun, although of course that means less blogging, which maybe is a good thing, maybe not, I don’t know, you tell me–except actually I can’t really talk right now because I totally have to go to bed—I just wanted to say hi, and that even though I’m writing all these slightly sad entries life is still happy, girl, you know?