Rainy Queen's Birthday

It’s still rainy and cold and windy and awful here in Wellington today. I opened my bedroom window a couple of hours ago, just to air it out a bit, and when I came back in? There was hail on my pillows. Okay? Okay.

So I haven’t really done much with my long weekend so far besides going out briefly for an eyebrow wax (such a bad idea, girl) and an extra fuzzy sweater. Alice came over last night for dinner and DVDs and we dragged my bed into the lounge for a sleepover—because you know what else was in the lounge, my people? At long, long last?

A fire. A fire was in the lounge. A fire that I built with my own bare hands was in the lounge . Okay? Okay.


See? There in the background? Right behind the fun fur collar on my new cardie?

Here, let me give you a closeup. Of the fire that I made with my own bare hands. Behold! FIRE!


Ha HA!

I mean, true, I haven’t been able to leave the house (or, indeed, the lounge), which is sort of impacting my social life as well as the contents of my pantry, but as long as I have my fuzzy blue hot water bottle and the woodpile I think I’ll be all right.

Fuzzy Hottie


  1. Whooooo! You are a rock star. Some day you’ll have to teach me how to make a fire.

  2. I still can’t start one, but this past winter I was able to SUSTAIN one for a few hours while the man was away from the cave! I was so proud, it was a little pathetic. I think Chiara’s Fire Starting Tips should soon be shared for those of us less capable.

  3. The collective warm suggestions of your readers must have kick started your fire making mojo. Go warm!

  4. It’s amazing what wood, lighter fluid and a match can do… I know from my barbeque last night!

    Yes, believe it or not Summer has arrived in the UK – it will be gone in a few days (seriously!) but people are out, turning red as lobsters and the waft of parafin, charcoal and meat products hangs in the air…

    I’m sure we’re all proud of your efforts, and Kim’s earlier suggestion of Chiara’s Fire Starting Tips is something you should consider!!!

  5. You did it!!! (P.S. I still don’t see a scarf around that pretty neck.)

  6. It was hailing at our house, in Seattle, two weeks ago. You are not alone in the hail.

  7. It’s a very fetching fire.

  8. Your eyebrows look NICE. Pity they don’t help the whole – it’s snowing outside (in MAY!! wtf?!) – thing.

    Oil heaters for the win. Plus in, turn on, or be special and get one with a timer like my flattie that turns itself on at 6am, so it’s warmish when you wake up! :)