This Past Week I

Was told I was “a little too intellectual” by the tutor of a course I was on for work;
drunk many many cups of tea;
didn’t get to my laundry until Friday night;
went to an impromptu Thursday night living room dance party at a flat where they did not have any furniture but they did have DJ equipment and disco lights;
ate a hot cross bun every morning for breakfast;
wondered if I’m maybe getting a little bit of a cold;
had a big talk with Sylvia over hot chocolate about My Questionable Dance Skills and about how This Performance We’re Having, I Remain Dubious About My Participation;
spent some time feeling sad and lonely;
spent some time trying to get over myself;
ate a packet of peanuts in lieu of an actual dinner;
was very happy not to have to commute four days out of five;
learned how to say “Hey girl!” in te reo Maori (Kia ora kotiro!);
was thrilled to hear of the civil rights awesomeness in Iowa (Iowa! Florida and California, home of South Beach and the Castro, I am casting a stern and displeased eye in your direction);
bought a super cute dress (on sale!) at a random place on Cuba Street which represents a new level for me in terms of dressing up;
wore that aforementioned dress to a party comprised of Italians, kickboxers, and Everyone Else;
pulled out my one party trick of balancing things on my head;
went to see the colossal squid, finally, at Te Papa;
got a little teary about Michelle Obama which is probably ridiculous and also very retro, to be all over the First Lady, but I am rationalizing the whole thing by declaiming that a) she reminds me of my mom and b) I just had a little something in my eye, anyway;
was invited to join a kapa haka group, Thursday evenings at the library;
finished up this great flag bunting kit from Juniper;
sat in our lounge and looked out at the boats on Evans Bay;
tried (and failed) to sit through an entire episode of New Zealand’s Next Top Model;
have come dangerously close to running out of olive oil, as there is only a quarter bottle left;
thought about maybe getting a little Vespa-ish scooter;
thought about maybe going on a dive trip to Malaysia;
thought about maybe getting my hair colored for the first time in my life ever since I’m really starting to go gray for real now;
thought about what will happen if I actually get residency and how long I will actually stay here (years? A lot of years?);
completely forgot about the time change today, which is why I’m writing this at 8:30 on a Sunday morning before dance class.

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  1. I found my first real confirmed gray hair last Wednesday (not April Fool’s, the one before that) and I was so happy and excited I pulled it out and tried to keep it in between the pages of a book but then I carried that book around on a shopping expedition in Chinatown and of course lost stuff from between its pages, precious silver hair included. BUT. I saw it, it was totally real, I am totally thrilled at impending crazy-old-lady-hood, and now I might go back to dyeing (dying?) my hair like I hadn’t for years because I wanted to know if I was going gray but didn’t know it on account of the hair color. Of course, what I really want to do is have enough gray hair that I can keep it separate from the other hairs while I dye them some color not found in nature.

    Number of smiley emoticons erased from this comment thus far: 2.

    Also, I am confused by this phrase: “drank many many cups of tea” — what now?