Almost Done With The Waiting

Okay! Well! Hi! I’m in California now, up ridiculously early because the paltry East Coast/West Coast time change is affecting me way more than it usually does, writing this from a bed at the ABL, where I arrived yesterday after a couple of days in New York. I’ve got all day today in Sunnyvale and part of tomorrow, and then I get on the plane in the evening and then Wednesday just…doesn’t exist…and then I get into Auckland Thursday morning and then I go through customs and then I fly to Wellington and then I take a cab to Alice’s house and then I’m there. I can give you my itinerary and tell you where exactly the cab will drop me off but it still hasn’t really hit me yet.

In New York I: was extremely cold, got to see some of my friends but not all of them, ate a lot of great food (including homemade peppers-and-onions and many doughnuts from this place next to my dad’s house), got to see some of my Italian family, went to a fantastic wedding, and got a sort of nice manicure. It went much better than many of my trips there in the past, and my biggest regret was not being able to see everyone I know and like in the city. Oh wait: I also regret being so super freaking cold the whole time I was there. I also regret that my hat wasn’t warm enough, and that my skin dried out to an alarming degree once I landed at LaGuardia, and that my pants got all salty from the roads, and that my nose got super red every time I went outside and stayed that way for a comically long time after I made it inside. I am from Florida and therefore solar-powered and I can’t handle this sort of thing, okay?

Rob and Anna were there to pick me up at the airport yesterday and we got back home and sat around and talked and then went for pho as I was having a craving and then fought only for like five minutes about which movie we were going to watch before I settled down to fall asleep in front of it. There is a part of me that misses Miami and my friends and family and the little baby kitty there, and there’s another part that is a little trepidatious about what going back will be like. But it’s so good to be around more of my friends again. It’s good to almost done with the waiting. It’s good to finally be on my way.

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  1. Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!

  2. Woohoo! Have a safe trip tomorrow night!

  3. Safe and stress-free travels to you!

  4. Now, voyager, sail thou forth to seek and find