In No Particular Order

Ten Things I Eat A Lot

1. Dark chocolate (preferably Green and Black’s 70% but I’m not picky)
2. Ginger snaps
3. Marinated tofu
4. Sun dried tomatoes
5. Olive oil
6. Bell peppers
7. Feta cheese
8. Earl Grey Tea
9. FAGE 0% Greek yogurt
10 . Whole wheat pita with hummus

Nine Things I Miss About Wellington

1. Gelato on the waterfront
2. Espressoholic
3. Fidel’s
4. Being able to top up my cell phone from the ATM
5. “Cheers driver!” when I get off the bus
6. The Southern Cross
7. Outrageous Fortune
8. The beach at Island Bay
9. All my friends there

Eight Things I Miss About Seattle

1. Monday night Bellydance class
2. Walking around Green Lake
3. The wide variety of natural foods stores from at which to shop, including (sob) Trader Joe’s
4. Cupcake Royale
5. The Ballard Market
6. Than Brothers
8. All my friends there

Seven Things I Like About Miami

1. Living for free on a resort island
2. Yuca and arepas in the grocery store frozen section, guava paste in the “Baking Needs” section
3. The walk to the lighthouse
4. Never wearing close-toed shoes
5. Street iguanas
6. Being recognized by random people–today it was the fire chief– who have known me since I was a little kid
7. My friends and family here

Six Names In A Folder On My Desktop Called “Fantasy Shags” Because Apparently I Will Forget On Whom I Have A Crush If I Don’t Keep A List

1. Glen Hansard
2. James McAvoy
3. Jemaine Clement
4. John Krasinski
5. Antony Starr
6. Stephen Merchant

Five Reasons I Am Voting For Barack Obama

1. I am a social worker and the last eight years have been very hard
2. He seems compassionate to non-millionaires
3. He doesn’t use scare quotes when discussing women’s health
4. He is really smart
5. He is not John McCain

Four Things I Wear All The Time

1. Black linen sundress
2. Black flipflops
3. Black shorts
4. Black ruffle skirt

Three Books I Recently Read

1. Pride And Prejudice by Jane Austen
2. Portrait Of An Unknown Woman by Vanora Bennett
3. The! Greatest! Of! Marlys! by Lynda Barry

Two DVDs I Recently Enjoyed

1. The Last King Of Scotland
2. Lars And The Real Girl

One Big Question On My Mind Recently

1. What will happen next?


  1. Fantasy Shags!!?? Having seen Stephen Merchant doing stand-up in a little comedy club in Soho I would say you could do a lot better! He is a rather odd looking chap – but was very funny!

  2. I share two of your fantasy boyfriends, John and Jermaine.
    I recently discovered Lynda Barry and want to devour every word she’s ever written. Now.
    Seattle is the top one places I’ve never been that I want to go.
    I have a half-full and a full bottle of olive oil in the pantry, usually at all times. (“usually at all times – oxymoron?)
    I miss the flip flop in the fall/winter aspect of Tampa.

    We should totally be friends.

  3. Glen Hansard’s on my list too…though he shares it with four women =)

  4. I am feeling you on the “all my friends there” list items. Also the warm-weather gear.