Jun 07

OMG kthxbye

Okay, y’all, okay, I am home from the South Island and it was so freezing cold there that I took my candy-stripe thermals off only to shower and I had a seriously good time that involved sea lions, albatrosses, and penguins as well as shaking my booty to the break of dawn with seriously inappropriately-aged boys in a bar in Queenstown wearing my first-ever tube top and that’s not to mention the cheesemonger named Pablo who gave me his number when I bought a sassy little cheddar from him on the way from Oamaru to Owaka but the real big news is, the thing I can’t even believe, other than the fact that it took us twelve hours to drive from Christchurch to Queenstown because most of the roads were closed due to snow, is that the hafla performance is BACK ON and it’s TOMORROW NIGHT and Sylvia and I have only had like two hours of rehearsal time total and we have a couple more tomorrow morning but I’ve only finished about a boob and a half of my coin bra but I’ve run out of coins so I will have to wait until after rehearsal tomorrow and it’s kind of insane but I am super excited because this duet is going to be so hot that the studio space is probably going to physically burn to the ground when we’re done and I just have to remember that it’s ALL IMPROV BABY and I am so tired right now and I have a bajillion pictures to show you and I really hope we’re going to be able to put the video from tomorrow up on YouTube so y’all can melt right there in your computer chairs when you see it, assuming I can actually remember any moves tomorrow which I think I will because last night Sylvia helpfully texted me stuff like “Basic Egyptian. Maya. Hey DJ. Reach and sit.” when I freaked out that I had completely forgotten how to dance and don’t let me forget to tell you about the baby sea lion and how its mom kind of chased us when we got too close and about the waterfall we saw and about the tube top although I see I have already mentioned the tube top so yeah I am super tired and I have to go to bed because tomorrow is all dancing all the time and it’s only two more weeks in Welly before I go to Australia and I have two dinner parties before then, one of which I am hosting at my house, not to mention all sorts of film festivals and plays and gigs to go to not to mention a job to sweet-talk myself into and it really was such a fun week but I HAVE to go to bed now so here are a couple of teaser pictures and y’all wish me luck tomorrow and cross your fingers that I’ll be able to do my torso rotation on the floor tomorrow night and that everyone shows up and that the firemen who come to put out the flames occasioned by our dancing don’t notice that my bra is missing half a boob’s worth of coins and oh my gosh I’m so excited and oh my gosh I have to got to bed right this instant kthxbye!

Sea Lion Rampant

Alien Eggs On The Beach

The Edge Of The Remarkables

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