May 07

and anyway

one time a lover
sent me an email
with a link to an article
about introversion

it compared extroverts
(that’s me, I’m the extrovert)
to yapping dogs
while introverts
(that was him, he was the introvert)
are deep still calm lakes
full of thoughts
and meaning
and more thoughts, and broad considerations
that are far beyond the reach
and way beyond the depth
of an anxious-to-please poodle
like my flop-eared
dog breath self

I was offended
as you’d expect
and I put up a fuss

and I laughed at the idea
that quiet equals more

this puppy has recesses
(that’s me, I was the puppy)
of aloneness
under beside along with
the tapping toenails
and molten eyes
it’s not a bark
it’s a howl

nose straight up
footprints in snow
wide and devastating
plume tailed breath

to open into the silence
to pad across the lake ice
and still have fun at parties
with all the other mutts
rolling around in the snow

and anyway I am more
of a cat person