What I Learned In 2006

What I learned from the Octopus Resort: Everything is going to be all right.

What I learned from the octopus I saw at the Octopus Resort: being inconspicuous and being fabulous are not mutually exclusive.

What I learned from the Maple Lodge: Sometimes it just all comes together.

What I learned from G Funk: If something feels too good to be true, then it is.

What I learned from Sharon: Get out of your head, and into your dance space.

What I learned from my stripper: Cops don’t usually bust thirty-something Sunday brunches for noise complaints at two in the afternoon.

What I learned from my going-away parties: the best people make you cry the most.

What I learned from Katherine: Not everyone is going to understand why you have to do what you have to do.

What I learned from Calin: Learning the other side of the story is devastatingly illuminating.

What I learned from A.: My good housing karma never leads me astray.

What I learned from Prom: I look super good in goomie bracelets.

What I learned from Jill: Sometimes there’s just no reason.

What I learned from living the backpacker lifestyle: you can never have too many plastic ziplock bags.

What I learned from Cherie: There’s such a thing as love at first sight.

What I learned from this blog: The internet is comprised mainly of beautiful women.

What I learned from Jessica: Be your art.

What I learned from my sister: Liking and loving are not the same thing, but it’s nice when you can do both.

What I learned from tea: it is yummy.

What I learned from Deirdre and Nahum: Making new friends is easy and fun!

What I learned from Kelly: it’s not just me.

What I learned from Tracy: it is generally better to live as big as possible.

What I learned from the Southern Cross: occasionally I will drink up to half a glass of champagne at a time and live to tell the tale.

What I learned from the beach: look out past the rocks to the water until you feel better.

What I learned from Wellington: don’t bother putting product in your hair.

What I learned from Introduction To Tribal: practice practice practice.

What I learned from my pack: put things back in the same place every time.

What I learned from Angela: It just keeps getting better, if you let it.

What I learned from Fidel’s: a trim hot chocolate and a roasted veggie panino, when combined with your paper journal, a good book, and that Morcheeba album, are balm for a multitude of ills.

What I learned from the Pill: my real, horrid skin was just lurking under my nice but hormonally-induced complexion for all those years.

What I learned from my grandmother: it’s okay to just be tired of it all.

What I learned from New Zealand: one develops a taste for awesomeness.


  1. But what did you learn from ME? (Because it is all about me. Hey, maybe that’s what you learned, “It’s all about Renee.” Hee!)

    What I learned from Chiara: That a girl can pick up and move to the other side of the world and still seem nearby due to the wonder that is the interweb.

  2. I learned that last one too. In fact enough to be driving somewhere a few days ago and say to myself, “It’s been a good year.” Then I thought of the first 5 months and laughed. Laughed that I had forgotten them for a moment and that the last 5 had been so good as to cast them into shadow.

  3. What I learned from time difference between the UK and NZ: Try to get out of bed before 11am to wish Chiara a Happy New Year, fail, but post a message expressing the same sentiments…

    Have a fantastic 2007!!!

  4. Your sincerity touches me.

  5. What I learned from Chiara – one can be outrageously surprised even from one’s own oftentimes introspective cloud-room-dwelling self. One can, evidently, take the world by its earlobes and turn it on its head!

    Go. You.

  6. In general, get out of your head and into the NOW. It applies to everything! Look at that! “Get out of your head, and into the grocery shopping.” “Get out of your head and get into the bathtub.” and stuff like that.

    I love you. I learned from Chiara that I am blessed to know rare jewels like Chiara, so hold onto them tight, even when they are far away. *smooch*

  7. I agree that the internet IS comprised mainly of beautiful women. Happy New Year!