To Do: Seattle Before I Go

Go salsa dancing again. Wear more comfortable shoes this time and bring an ice pack.

Bake an Italian cheesecake and garnish with fresh strawberries. Take to potluck. Graciously decline marriage proposals.

Take a bhangra fusion workshop, if one is indeed offered this quarter.

See Circus Contraption perform.

See burlesque at the The Pink Door.

See Dudley Manlove play out.

Go to the spa. Get a massage and some bibimbop.

Eat at Mesob.

Eat at Cascadia.

Eat at Café Flora.

Eat at Carta de Oaxaca.

Go to the zoo.

Go to the aquarium and see the octopus one last time. While down there, pick up flowers for the house at Pike Place Market and some Beecher’s Flagship. Oh, also while down there, eat at Le Pichet.

Find or create an occasion to wear the pink dress my mom got me when I was in Miami for Thanksgiving. Graciously decline marriage proposals.

Participate, somehow, some way, in a bellydance performance. Also, see an InFusion show at the Capitol Club.

Go bowling at Sunset Bowl.

Have a Naked Lady/ book swap party to get rid of a bunch of my stuff while hanging out with awesome girls at the same time.

Go dancing at Neighbors in a mostly non-ironic way.

Eat dinner at my cousin’s new house.

Sing karaoke in public. (Do NOT try “Tainted Love” again, no matter how sorely I may be tempted.)

Make it my mission to go through a flat of assorted berries per week when berry season FINALLY gets here.

Do a volunteer day with Seattle Works.

Visit this cute new baby.

Go canoeing at the Arboretum..

See the azaleas at the aforementioned Arboretum.

See the Maori weaving exhibit at the Burke.

Host a dinner party.

Host a slumber party.

Bring something I actually personally physically made to book club instead of faking it with a quiche or something like I always do.

Confirm or deny, once and for all, whether the rumors about Metropolitan Market’s having McCann’s Quick And Easy Steel Cut Oats are true.

Figure out what we did with the DDR pads and see if I can get back up to Standard on the slow songs.

Visit a winery.

Convince Anna and Rob to come up and visit.

Write a review of Cupcake Royale for Cupcake Planet, sampling every flavor if that’s what my journalistic integrity requires.

Eat brunch at the Salish Lodge overlooking the waterfall.

Make ginger beer out of the kit Ashley sent me for my birthday.

See Snakes On A Plane with Linda, not forgetting to bring along the adult diapers.

Do a photo essay of the Ballard Sunday Market.

Figure out how to use new camera. (Start by taking it out of the box).

Go to the beach at Golden Gardens.

See some live theater.

See a show at The Tractor.

Make doughnuts in the deep fryer at home.

Go on an all-girl overnight hiking trip. Be in charge of the food.

Have the kick-ass-est kick-ass going-away party in the history of kicking ass and going-away parties.


  1. Sign me up for some of those places to eat – I’m sure we can convince Mara & Lee to tag along! The canoeing sounds fun too, but I’m afriad if I ever make it out there I’ll have to veto the Karaoke.. Singing for me is a strictly “in the car” activity! Good luck with all the marriage proposals by the way, there are gonna be some *seriously* disappointed PacNW boys out there!

  2. I live both near Cafe Flora and the Arboretum, and did you know that we have a Cupcake Royale over here, too? Am also in for salsa dancing, bowling, and fringe theater. Have you ever seen Theater Schmeater’s Twilight Zone episodes? Brilliant.

  3. Oh, I’m in for the spa, too! Girlie nakedness! Woo!

  4. Figure out what we did with the DDR pads and see if I can get back up to Standard on the slow songs.

    Try behind the couch.

  5. I saw your friend’s blog about the newborn baby, and boy, is the little guy cute! It certainly won’t be easy to leave such cute newbornbabyness behind, will it?

  6. Oh Heavens. This is enough for a Lonely Planet Leaving Home, Seattle edition. I am eager to hear of the success of your escapades. Especially because your blog always makes me.