Peace Be On London

I called Ashley and Tom as soon as I heard the news and they’re fine, all the people they live with are fine. That was all I cared about at first, but as I spend the day being distracted and clicking on the various news sites and not being able to care about much else other than the pictures of the people thrown bloody from the buses, I care about everything, more and more. I have been thinking a lot, in my characteristically scattered and huffy way, about politics lately, about the G8 conference, about freedom of speech and freedom of choice, about the war and how it continues to drag on and on and how there is no end in sight, how the mission is not accomplished and how innocent people keep dying on all sides and how we are still not safer. We will never be safer because on days like today there is really no such thing as safer. The wheels spin and we participate in whatever ways we do and sometimes we forget the feelings of dread and sometimes we’re horribly reminded.

I’m pretty amazed at how well London seems to be responding. I guess they people there are, on some level, sort of used to this kind of attack from the IRA, which is really a horrible thing to think about, like, oh yes, just like the old days, the Tube has stopped but everything is under control. That doesn’t make it any less upsetting or frightening, even from this side of the Atlantic.

I don’t know, I don’t really have anything cogent to express here. It’s a beautiful Thursday in Seattle and my mom’s flight in to see me has been thus far delayed for two hours, but I am still looking forward to seeing her tonight, late at the airport. I have a fun weekend planned, and I have a super big fun weekend planned for next weekend too. The summer is progressing along nicely and I am just sort of doing my thing, reading books, eating zucchini and popsicles, daydreaming about the Top Secret Plans. It’s just that today part of my thing is being so deeply sorrowful for yet another city that has experienced senseless attack, for all the ramifications it may bring, for all the loss and grief. Peace be with you, London.

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