Theme Of This Entry: Gimmicky!

Theme Of Room Formerly Known As The Bowie Room: We took down the Bowie Towel about a day after we declared it the Bowie Room. Sort of disrespectful, now that he’s had cardiac surgery and everything. Also, it’s a little weird to have a towel in your living room. Anyway, it’s still purple, green, and blue with disco balls, but now there are also a Pretty Italian Lady element, which still counts as they are blue. Also, for some reason, there is now a fish element in the Former Bowie Room. J has a couple of paintings of Japanese Garden koi she has (because one of the backgrounds of the paintings is green, thereby fitting in with the purple, blue and green thing) and then she also painted this little wooden fish someone gave her last year as a housewarming present and so that’s standing on one of the side tables, and then when I was unpacking more Tschoske Detritus I found a bunch of very realistic fish I got at Archie McPhee several years ago and so I put them on the mantelpiece. I think it looks pretty good in there.

Theme Of My Bedroom, Currently: Plain walls with no stuff on them, my great-grandmother’s quilt on the bed (with new white sheets), and a thin tideline of Tschoske Detritus at the edges.

Theme Of My Bedroom, To Be Implemented Shortly: Girly and frilly and pretty and flowery and shiny and sparkly and colorful and beautiful and awesome. I plan to purchase gorgeous sheets and a new duvet cover and to put up my pretty drapey thing and get new pictures for the walls and maybe even some of those hanging party lights and what the hell, maybe I’ll get a huge poster of Captain Jack Sparrowand put it right over my bed.

Theme Of My Job: Booooooooooring.

Theme Of The Last Several Meals I Have Consumed Over The Week: Pasta, bread, crackers, cookies, and popsicles. And zucchini. And goat cheese.

Theme Of My Last Several Nights Of Sleeping: Very quiet and Rustler-free. See, right after I wrote that entry, like that night, the Rustler stopped with the rustling and scaring me to death. All these people wrote me to tell me that probably it was just a possum, and that’s fine, but clearly it’s a possum who reads this journal and didn’t know the terror it was causing me and has a possumy heart of gold and wants me to get a good night’s sleep and it’s over now, thank goodness.

Theme Of JournalCon 2004, Projected: Kissing hot girls. On the mouth even, maybe. Also, Lush.

Theme Of The Last Week Or So In Seattle, Weather-Wise: Really hot and sweaty. Uncomfortably so, since neither my work nor my house has air conditioning.

Theme Of Today, Weather-Wise: Overcast and gray. This is a relief. Except I am trying to have a cook-out tomorrow afternoon. What then? I guess we’ll have to order in pizza or something.

Theme Of This Weekend, Projected: Media-heavy. Rob and Anna are coming to town to see Stockstock which is Sunday and then Saturday post-cookout or post-ordering-in-pizza, depending on the weather, is Twisted Flicks. Probably they’re going to make me stop at Scarecrow to get several movies on their list of movies they think I should see, which is very long and detailed and which I think I may have lost somehow during the move. What they don’t know is that the very next movie on my Netflix queue is Krull. Except I don’t think it will get here in time for us to watch it tonight. Also, today I made the audacious move of sending back some movies I haven’t even watched, just because they are foreign films about World War II or something and I just can’t take that sort of thing right now.

Theme Of My Hair: Riotous. As in it’s probably plotting a riot, right this second. I have an uneasy truce with my hair for the most part but lately I think it’s fomenting dissent up there. The eyebrows are probably putting it up to it, since heaven knows they are totally anarchistic.

Theme Of My Heart: Broken.

Theme Of Many Of The Conversations I’ve Been Having and Emails I’ve Been Receiving: Girl, just give it time.

Theme Of My Friends And Family: Unreservedly awesome.

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