Retail Therapy

Sundry took me out for lunch and shopping at the excellent Sidewalk Sale at the lovely U Village yesterday. Usually we opt for pho (which we’ve almost stopped pronouncing phonetically now) on the Ave but we were classy and had pasta this time.

We discussed boys for a while and when it all got too sad and weird she gently whispered “Retail therapy,” and we flounced off to look at slightly damaged goods in an open-air context. I scored, man. I totally scored. Shopping makes me sort of nervous and twitchy and to be fair there were a lot of screaming kids around, but would you believe I got two of these plates for three dollars each? And two pretty bowls as well, also for three dollars each. That’s what one needs to buy, when one is moving in a couple of weeks: excess crockery! But seriously, three dollars each? Can you believe?

Oh, yeah. I’m moving. Possibly over Fourth of July weekend, although I think probably that’s a really stupid idea and I should spend the Fourth in a lawn chair somewhere that involves a barbecue. Anyway, it was very quick, this decision to move: I checked the classifieds, I found a house that seemed cool, I called the girls who live there and went over to visit them. They were playing the Postal Service album when I walked in and told me all about how crafty they are. The room has a skylight and a cherry tree outside and the kitchen has actual grown-up appliances, so that was that for me. Plus I will be able to bike or bus to work much more easily and will maybe even host Book Club one of these days.

It’s going to be weird having housemates again after having lived alone for so long, but I think it’s going to be good, if I can manage to keep my messiness under control. I’m dealing with the breakup by a) being completely boy crazy and b) trying to keep busy, so I’m hoping that this move will be distracting and that I can invite all sorts of cute boys over to the new place. (Cute boys: call me! You should see the cathedral ceilings in this place!) I’ve spent the past couple of days hanging out with my friend (who, as it turns out, did not write Smells Like Teen Spirit) and that was pretty darn diverting, but nothing, of course, is as distracting as going through all of your crap and moving it into a smaller space. So I guess that pretty much ties up the next couple of weeks.

I’m going to miss my little hobbit hole apartment though. It just fits me and of course it has (sob) built-in bookshelves all along the living room walls, which is so great. And I cooked some decent stuff in my tiny little kitchen on my Barbie stove, and I had lots of people stay on the purple futon, and I listened to a lot of music and watched a lot of movies and talked a lot on the phone and I was sometimes very happy there. It’s going to be strange not to pull into that driveway anymore, or be intimidated by the cats, or watch the hydrangeas come into blossom, or listen to speed thrash band practice downstairs.

Anyway. Anyway, my dear friend Sundry was super nice to me at lunch and we ended up buying matchingpurses (she got the black and I got the blue) and then when we went in to pay, right after I thoughtlessly dropped my bag that was full of dishware on the floor, she up and bought me a beautiful sparkly toe-ring. What more do you want from a lunch date?

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