Here I Go

I’m leaving for the airport in six hours. Every hour since about seven a.m. yesterday has draaaaaaaaaagged on by. These last six hours are the worst. I am ready to go, man.

I’m packed. Carl made me inventory everything I’m taking and would have made a spreadsheet had I not protested mightily. I’ve got my little homemade guidebook (complete with tabbed pages for each city) and all my phone numbers and addresses and confirmation numbers. I made hot chocolate with the last of my milk this morning so that I wouldn’t come home to grossness. I’ve got the camera. I’ve got my awesome shoes. I’ve got the earrings I’m going to wear and my tickets and my passport and my sweater.

All there is left to do is go, finally go, go do this thing that is really just a tiny little trip (I mean, it will still be May when I get back) but is also somehow this other really big thing. All that’s left now to do is to get on the bus, get in the car, get to the airport, get in the security line, get on the plane, and go. Here I go.

I’m really really hoping to be able to update while I’m there, so check back every once and again for the next couple of weeks. I’m going to try to write entries on paper too, which I’ll post in chronological order when I get back, along with pictures, of course. I hope. I expect to spin out the story of this little trip for some time. It’s the first event in my mandated Summer Of Fun, and I’m going to milk it for all its worth. Imagine what it will be like if I ever go on a longer more hardcore trip. Didn’t I get like, four or five entries out of one week in the desert last year?

Wish me luck and safety and that I’ll remember how to say “I oppose the war in Iraq and I didn’t vote for Bush” in French and Italian. Wish me courage to be by myself in a strange place with funny colored money and the very great possibility I will get lost several times a day. Wish me independence and spontaneity and low-key-ness and all those other characteristics I don’t have but would like to acquire right away. Wish me a lot of fun and excitement.

Okay. I’m going now. Here I go!

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