I Like You A Squid

Okay, I’ll see you in a couple of hours. You’ll meet me at the gate, right?

Of course. I’m really looking forward to seeing you.




Yes! I like you.

How much do you like me?

On a scale from zero to ten?


On a scale from zero to ten, I like you, like, at least fifteen. No, like at least twenty-five.

Wow, twenty-five. That’s a lot.

I told you.

Want to know how much I like you?


On a scale from zero to ten, I like you….a squid!

Oh ho ho! A squid! Well, I like you a two-toed sloth.

I like you a hamster.

I like you a swordfish.

I like you a frog.

A regular frog or a poison tree frog?

How can you doubt me? Of course a poison tree frog!

Oh, honey. How sweet.

I also like you a saber tooth tiger.

And I like you a chambered nautilus.

I like you a cuttlefish.

Aw, cuddle-fish! Those are so cool.

I know. I love those.

Those are very nice.

They are.

So are you.

Thanks. You too.

In fact, you’re so nice that I’d venture to say I like you… another squid!

Well, I like you another squid too…with pie.

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