Nov 03

Potato Mashed Garlic

I’m not a big Thanksgiving fan, frankly. I’m not so into The Holidays, period. Probably I dislike Christmas a little more than Thanksgiving because I hate being told to be joyful and loving at a certain time of year, and with Thanksgiving it’s usually just about having a long weekend and eating yummy food and for some certified insaniacs, Christmas shopping. I’m hoping to get all my Goodwill stuff together and go see a movie at the dollar theater this Thanksgiving. Maybe go for a bike ride if it’s sunny. I’m going to a big potluck Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and I’m going to celebrate my mostly submerged Italian-ness by putting the garlic back into garlic mashed potatoes, the dish for which I am responsible. I’m thinking at least two heads of roasted garlic. Possibly three, if I’m feeling sassy. Big heads of garlic, too. These are going to be no sissy just-a-hint garlic mashed potatoes. Basically, I’m going to mash up some garlic and then throw in a potato or two for texture. That’s right. Potato Mashed Garlic, that’s what I’m making for Thanksgiving. Also, for breakfast tomorrow I am making the best cranberry muffins the world has ever seen.

In other news, I just realized something really dumb: some people are, apparently, emailing me about this journal (thanks! Love you!) and my email is putting some of them to my Bulk Mail folder, which normally I just delete because it says Bulk Mail, right there on the screen. I randomly checked it yesterday morning before I deleted it and hey! Someone had written me something nice and I would have never known. Which makes me wonder if perhaps one or two other people have written nice (or not so nice…perhaps my Bulk Mail is also filtering the hate mail?) things to me and I never saw them and deleted them without a care in the world and maybe the people who wrote those things think I hate them and will never write to me again. People! It’s the fault of my Bulk Mail! I’m sorry! I’ll check more often!

So, serendipitously, I checked it yesterday and I got an email saying that I’ve been nominated for a Diarist Award. It’s for this entry. Weird. I’m excited about it, because duh. I’m thrilled that people are even reading this journal at all, let alone thinking that a specific entry is good enough to be nominated. And I’m also excited to be in the company of all the other folks this quarter too. Mo emailed me to let me know I am her Outstanding Entry nemenemissisis. I couldn’t be more honored, really. That Mo. A worthy adversary, to say the least.

Along similar meta journally lines, I’m starting to feel that itchy “I hate how my site design looks” thing again. I have tried using a couple of free templates and while they work fine and I’m not opposed to them or anything, I am heartily sick of this pink-on-pink thing, like WHAT was I thinking? I don’t know what to do about it except appeal to the dozen of you reading this: if you have web design skills or know someone who does who might be willing to design me a little something for free or cheap or something, not only would I be everlastingly grateful I would also send you cookies or something as a token of my gratitude or esteem. Possibly leftover Potato Mashed Garlic, if we have any. My two year journal anniversary is in December and I would love to unveil something new then. Okay? Please?

I think that’s about it. Except for this silly little story about my favorite purple sweater I feel I ought to share with you to make this more of an entry and less of a collection of little somethings-or-others. Okay, so I have this very nice purple zip up hoodie cardigan from Old Navy that I bought some while ago. I wore it all the time and thought I looked pretty cute in it, and I was also pretty excited that I had managed to buy an article of clothing that wasn’t black. And then I lost it a couple of days ago. This happened with my other zip up hoodie cardigan from Old Navy (which is, in fact, black) but it turned out that Carl had tried to do me a favor by hanging it in the closet when, obviously, it goes on the hooks on the door. That wasn’t the case with my purple one…I checked my closet and everything! No purple zip up hoodie cardigan for me! So sad!

I even went to the downtown Old Navy when Mom was here two weekends ago and tried to get another one but of course there were only size Extra Teensy Weensy and that clearly wasn’t going to work out, so I was forced to order two new purple zip up hoodie cardigans, in two different sizes because I couldn’t remember what size my original purple zip up hoodie cardigan was. They came in the mail on Monday and I was all thrilled to have my sweater back. In a happy mood I went to bellydance class…only to find that my lovely and gorgeous teacher had my purple sweater in her truck and it was because I had left my purple sweater at class three weeks ago and hadn’t been since then! See what happens when you slack, kids? You lose your purple sweater and have to get not one, but two new ones!

That’s okay though. I’ll just return the new ones. It will be fine. I guess it’s good I have a couple of back-ups handy, though, because I don’t know if garlic smell lingers in wool…But anyway, enough about me. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.