Counting My Blessings

It’s good, every once in a while, to remember all the good things in my life. Good things outside the “I live in the world’s most powerful nation and enjoy rights and privileges pretty much beyond the scope of most people in the world” thing which I really should take time to be grateful for every single day. I mean it’s good, every once and again, to tot up the little things that generally make your life a good one to live. Don’t you think?
What this means for you, practically speaking, is that it’s time to blog it up a little bit up in here. Wheeeeeee!

&Two thirds of the ABL is coming to visit this evening for the birthday party of a friend up here. They’ll be here the whole weekend and I am thrilled to have them here. I’ve got to see members of that house a TON this year, which is good in one way because, you know, I get to see them, and bad in another way because now it’s like I have to see them this much every year from now on. That’s going to get expensive. Also, I am going to the Korean Spa tomorrow too. I’m getting the body scrub. I’m sort of afraid of the body scrub but I think it will be good.

& I’m going to JournalCon in two weeks. I have some serious first time jitters over here, and also I have no idea what I’m going to wear. I’m really excited though. I hope I find my other knitting needle before then so I can finish my basketweave scarf on the plane. If I’m not doing Cosmo quizzes with La Sundry, that is. I’m super excited to meet everyone and I hope I don’t throw up out of nervousness. I’m going to Journal Con, y’all. Okay, I totally have to throw up now.

& Oh, and I’m having lunch with the abovementioned Sundry today too. Which reminds me that I’ve made some good new friends through this journal this year. That is a wonderful and amazing thing.

& I think I’m going to maybe bellydance with a student troupe at this year’s Trolloween. It’s a Halloween party that takes place at the Fremont Troll every year. I’ve never been to it, but I think it will be fun to get some more performance experience with a teacher I really like and admire. All y’all in Seattle, come by (dressed up, of course) and see it! I am happy that this gives me an excuse to get a lot of gorgeous bellydance stuff. You wouldn’t want me to disgrace the troupe, would you?

& My mom is coming to visit in November for a long weekend. I’m happy about this because she didn’t get to come out in the summer as we’d hoped and planned. I intend to treat her to a very fancy dinner and make her go shopping with me, as she is the only person I know who gets tired of shopping before I do.

& My Friend Marah is having a baby. Did I tell you that? It’s true. I am excited to be an auntie again. Her baby shower is this month and I wish I could go to it. However, by the time I get home for Christmas, the baby (it’s a boy and I think they’re going to name him Jacob) will most likely be there so I’ll get to spend a lot of time with them. I can’t wait.

& On a related note, I’m going to a doula training information session next Tuesday. I am pretty sure I don’t want to have my own children, but I like kids quite a bit and would like to have them in my life on a semi-regular basis, and this seems like a good way to go about that, professionally. I have no idea what this program is like or even, really, what a doula does, but I notice that some of the teachers are MSWs and that makes me think that it might be a good thing for someone with clinical skills. I did use to have those, you know. Really.

& I got Carl a Utilikilt for his birthday and he’s been wearing it around and looking ten kinds of hot in it. Also he’s been doing yoga every morning at 6:30 in the a.m, if you can feature such a thing, and so he comes over and does yoga poses in my living room for my entertainment. Now, if he would do the yoga poses in the Utilikilt, I would totally be in business.

& I won something! Can you believe it? I pledged some money to support my favorite radio station, KEXP and they were entering everyone who called into a contest to win three cool CDs. Apparently I won, because yesterday in the mail there was a package full of CDs. Do you know how long it’s been since I had any new music? Do you? I am ridiculously excited about this, let me tell you, because I hadn’t heard them announce it on the air and because it was a total surprise and because the CDs are great and I’ve never won anything in my life, ever.
They are Lovers Lead The Way , by Viva Voce Build Nothing Out of Something by Modest Mouse and Suburbiac by Doulour. I feel all kinds of cool today.

So those are some things that are going well in my life and for which I’m grateful. I hope you have a lot of those things in your life too and that you get a chance today to count your blessings.

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