Burning Man Pictures–Ego Entry

We start today’s ME ME ME entry with a shot of one of my favorite outfits I wore at Burning Man. The crazy Chillba hat did me a solid not only by providing me with much shade, thereby eliminating the need for sunglasses, but also by acting as a perfect platform for many of my scarves. The scarf over hat is a good thing, and is a theme we will return to, costume-wise, several times over the course of the week. One pretty much always wants one’s hair covered on the playa, unless one is interested in dreadlocks. The tie-dyed sarong is one my mom gave me like fifteen years ago and the choli is one I bought for bellydance. I love dressing this way and wish I could every day of the year.

Same outfit but out on the deep playa. I appear about to take off, much like a kite, in this one. Again: the playa= big and empty. And windy. And dusty.

The blue flower bra, worn with the hat again and a pair of very silly blue harem pants that some girl gave me at a bellydance class several years ago. Just walked up to me and was all “Want these pants?” I don’t wear them to dance in usually because they’re not as full as I like, but they go well with the bra, which you see I have tastefully accented with pearls and a belly chain, which highlights my actual belly quite well. I must love you people a lot to post a picture of my belly right here on the internet for the world to see. This also proves that I rode my bike at Burning Man, didn’t just leave it parked in front of the tent all week.

Anna is resplendent in her clear PVC ballgown, which she wears over a rather saucy bright pink corset/bloomer set. She tops the whole thing off with a red bandanna and a cheeky grin. Her friend Chiara wears a simple orange strapless ballgown, borrowed from the aforementioned Anna, accessorized with the same pearls she is wearing with her blue flower bra, a head full of braids, and a similarly cheeky grin.

Do you have any conception of how many pictures there are in the world of Anna and I in this same pose, wearing the same faces? It’s our favorite face, apparently.

Dancing with Campmate Sam at the dance held at our camp Tuesday night, for which everyone was so nicely dressed up. Sam has chosen to shake things up a bit by pairing an ultra formal set of white tails with a more relaxed sarong at mini-skirt length, with goggles to pull it all together.

Here we have a pretty classic bellydance outfit, what with the hipscarf and the long skirt and the veil. The flip-flops, not so classic, although they do illustrate nicely why I had such terrible playa foot. The bra was the first one I ever made, several years ago for the Fremont Solstice Parade. It’s made of brown ultrasuede and rawhide and frankly is not the most comfortable thing ever. The ultrasuede is stitched onto a regular cotton bra, but the pattern I used didn’t match up completely, so everything sort of…drags a bit. Hard to explain. This picture, while again showcasing my belly, also makes it look as though I am on my way to a bachelor party at an RV park. I wasn’t, though. I was just posing.

Yeah, I was the entertainment at that bachelor party and I totally hooked up with the best man! Here he is, in a casual but elegant bright orange shirt and demure full length sarong, with glacier goggles. I call this our prom shot.

Now, sometimes I am sweet and I go to the prom with my boyfriend, as in the above picture. Sometimes I am gentle and good and nice. And other times…well, let’s just say that when the lights go down, your innocent friend Chiara becomes something of a pimp daddy. Here we see her covered in bling in the form of a necklace, earrings, several bindi stones, and a gold sequined scarf worn over black harem pants. Dawn has helpfully donated a fake fur coat to beef up the vibe for the night ahead. There’s a scarf again to prevent dreadlocks. The headlamp and the glowsticks on the collar serve to cast sufficient light on any bitches that need slapping, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

And finally, to end this little journey through my Burning Man pictures, we have my National Geographic shot.

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