Liam and Me. And Carl.

A conversation with Carl on the way to work this morning.

Chiara: Oh, man. I can’t believe I watched all those Liam Lynch movies. I am so tired today. So tired.

Carl: I can’t believe you did either.

Chiara: I couldn’t help it. I am desperately in love.

Carl: I know. I’m kind of in love too.

Chiara: Seriously. What’s not to like? He’s in a band…

Carl: Yeah, he’s in a band…

Chiara: Well, he sort of is a band.

Carl: Right, he is a band. He’s hot. And he makes stuff.

Chiara: Yup. Like that robot. And movies. And he writes songs. Plus he just seemed really nice. And he likes cats and has some good tattoos. I love him. That is all.

Carl: He works a lot though. I don’t know how well that would work out.

Chiara: Wait, for you or for me?

Carl: For you. I was thinking, well, this Liam’s a nice guy and everything, but he just works too much for Chiara. She wouldn’t like that.

Chiara: You’re probably right.

Carl: Now, with me, that would probably be all right. I mean, we could share the electronics bench, that would be nice.

Inside Chiara’s Head: “Sharing the electronics bench?” Is that some sort of euphemism there?

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