Amperblog II

I can’t string an entry together today for some reason. “Some reason” being the usual reason, i.e. nothing much is going on right now. Also I’m working on a couple of entries for a new collab and while that’s satisfying in a dorky sort of way, they can’t go up until the 25th, on which date I will, if all goes well, be pulling up to my camp space at Burning Man in the middle of the night. But still. I feel funny if I don’t obsessively document my wee exisitence for my dozens of readers, so how does everyone feel about a little list of little things I’m doing? Another blog entry, if you will. Anyone have any problems with that? Shut up, you in the back. Who asked you, anyway?

& Carl comes home from the glacier on Sunday. This Sunday. I’ve received, oddly, two letters from him…actual letters written with ink on paper and put in an envelope. We didn’t think he’d be able to write at all, as the mail helicopter (yes!) only comes once every two weeks and he was going to be on it both times. But apparently not. His letters have been all “We had a snowmobile accident but visibility is good and we skied for four hours yesterday up to a lonely snowy peak and here’s some of my sister’s genius artwork and I haven’t taken off my DriClime once.” My letter to him was five pages of “The cats are fine boy it’s hot here I got some new toothpaste love from Chiara.” How is that fair, I ask you? How? Nevertheless, I sure am looking forward to seeing him.

& The blue bellydance skirt is hemmed. The waistband is a little big though, I may have to pin it or something.

& Due to renting Donnie Darko over the weekend…yes, I’m a couple of years late on this…I now have this Church song in my head pretty much on a twenty four hour basis. You know the one: “I wish I knew what you were looking for, might have known what you would find.” In fact, I had just gotten it out last night and I shouldn’t have even mentioned it here because, hey, look, it’s back in my head again. That song is gorgeous and makes me want to be gorgeously and glamorously emotionally unstable, as opposed to the normal kind of boring and annoying emotionally unstable, which is the kind I usually am.

& My Friend Ashley is coming here! Tomorrow! For the weekend! She’s going to her college roommate’s wedding and her husband can’t come with her so I’m going to be her date. I’m very excited to see her. I wish I was able to get us pedicure appointments, though…seems like a week’s notice just isn’t enough, you know? Who cares, though, I get to see a Key Girl and that always makes for a good weekend.

& Speaking of Key Girls, though, the Key Girls want me, apparently, to write a History of the Key Girls. I have no idea how to go about such a thing.

& That idea did give me the notion to take a fiction class this fall or something, and try to actually write short stories again. I think it’s been ten years since I took a writing class. Scary, yes?

& My ten year high school reunion is this Thanksgiving weekend, in Miami. I don’t think I’m going to go. I would want to lose fifty pounds and get a book deal before doing something like that. I am, however, going to go to Carl’s reunion next weekend, right before we leave for Burning Man. Literally, the evening before. I have no idea what I’ll do there, nor what I should wear. Maybe the short brown dress? With the blue necklace?

& Every time I go to my Tuesday bellydance class I think I know how to do the basic moves, and then when I get there and we drill something over and over again, I realize, much to my dismay, that I know nothing. Nothing. We were doing rib circles yesterday, which are exactly what they sound like…take your ribs and move them in a circle, independent of your hips. We also did belly rolls. I like to think of myself as something of a belly roll expert, as I have spent a lot of time making copies at various crappy jobs and that’s always a good time to practice. But no. No, I suck at belly rolls, and my rib circles aren’t that great either. Not so good for my self-esteem, this class. It’s taught by my beloved Ruby though, and since my love for her is deep and pure and true, I go anyway, and get my ass kicked every single time. This is probably a good thing, because between you and me, my ass could use some kicking.

& Diary-x isn’t Googleable (wow, that is really hard to pronounce) so you guys are spared, in my case, from “Crazy Google Hits” entries from me. However, some other tiny little search engines can find this site. Usually I get hits for things like “underwater+handstands” and occassionally “jello+wrestling”, both of which refer to this entry, which may go down in history as my most popular. However. Lately. Lately, I have been getting a couple of hits a day for something having to do with amputees that I mentioned in this entry. All I have to say about that is that you people are horrible. Gah.

& Um, I finished my blue flower bra top and also the funny me-Tarzan-you-Jane fake leaves bra top too. I am pretty set for bra tops, you’ll be happy to know. Dare I take pictures at Burning Man and post them here? Would that be too much for your delicate eyes? Y’all will have to let me know.

Well! All right then! That’s just about that.

coming soon!

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