Nobody Talks About Book Club

This morning I had to get a grande hot chocolate on the way in to work this morning. Yeah, hardcore. It was great…it lasted twice as long as the tall does. Cocoa is the total replacement for coffee for me, even though it’s mostly sugar it acts like caffeine so I am currently all amped up. Yeah! Cocoa! And I had oatmeal this morning, so, you know. I’m living all the way on the edge up in here, is what I’m saying.

Really I’m amped up because book club was so fun last night. I got home late last night, a little before midnight…I know, right, getting home at midnight, a grande hot chocolate, and oatmeal for breakfast? Call the law! I didn’t floss last night either! Unh! Anyway, I got home late and couldn’t settle down, was all running around my place telling the cat what a good time I had: “Okay, so then we had a lot of strawberries! And we talked about bugs and Top Gun! And then…wait, you’re not even listening, are you?” I kept repeating in my head all these funny things people said and making up things to say next month and thinking about all those strawberries and how I love summer and it was just great.

It was really cool to finally meet Peachy and Mrs. Roboto, and the endlessly fascinating Dishery, as well as all the people who, you know, don’t spend half their lives thinking that half their experiences would make good journal entries and re-telling all the stories they’ve already told online. Whatever. They’ll come around. It was cool to spend and evening talking on that level I can’t quite describe…none of us knew everyone in the room, although everyone knew at least one other person, but everyone felt comfortable talking a few levels down from normal so-what-do-you-do chit chat. Like people felt free to belly laugh and tell some minor secrets. At one point Sundry wanted everyone to tell how they got to Seattle and it was so cool to hear all these weird little stories come out. Everyone felt they were more boring than everyone else, but that’s not true, because I was the most boring person there. All y’all other book club people, you in your cute skirts and haircuts, you are all very fascinating and I want nothing more than to hear your life stories for hours on end, preferably at The Korean Spa in one of the whirlpools. Since my apartment is so tiny I’m going to suggest that book club be held there when it’s my turn to host. Anyway.

But isn’t it amazing how that works sometimes? You can be in a roomful of various types of strangers…people you have honestly not met before, people whose journals you have read, people with whom you have had a couple of very hilarious lunches with…and worry that everyone is going to be smarter and cuter and funnier than you, and then come to find out that not only is all that true, but that it’s just…that being around all those smart cute funny people doesn’t have to be about envy. I think, perhaps, ten years after high school, that maybe all that Popularity stuff is over. I think I can start enjoying people who have qualities that I’d like to have myself. Isn’t that the best? That’s totally the best.

So, that’s the exciting thing for me this week. I’m going shopping with Moxie this weekend, and going to see a friend’s show Sunday night. Only two weeks to the annual ABL party. I’m wearing my new hair in two super-perky pigtails and I’m having lunch with My Friend Michelle today. I have a whole stack of new books to read and a lot of people are coming to visit in the next couple of months. Even though I don’t get to have a summer vacation this year (which is still a good thing because it means I’m getting paid), I’m still getting into that Summer In Seattle mode…you wake up one day and notice it’s not raining, and it stays light later and later, and all of a sudden you want to walk around Greenlake every day, and eat lots of fruit, and wear tank tops, and you forget all the gray for three months and want to kayak-hike-swim-run around all day and all night. You get to have three or four lunches a day because the afternoon lasts for ten hours. Energy! Sunlight! Grilling out! Strawberries on a blanket in someone’s backyard, talking about books and politics and movies and boys and skincare! Wooo!

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