To Do

1. Get a massage. Thanks, Mom. Love you. You’re the best.

2. Get ready to see all your friends who are coming in for a weekend-long wedding shower for Treasa (who got some very nice wedding underwear, you will all be happy to know) and John. Get ready for the giggling and the talking and the sitting around yelling at the TV and the drinking of non-adult beverages and the possible doing of tricks with jellybeans. Get ready to go to the airport a couple times and work on wedding invitations. Get ready to be with some of my favorite people in the whole entire world, who also happen to throw one of the best parties in the world (next month!) and who are also cute and funny and they dress nice too.

3. “Dress nice.” That would be a change, yes? Maybe wear a short-sleeved shirt this weekend, as the temperature is supposed to soar into the low seventies.

4. Be jealous that sister is going to Greece for a whole month with her Classics class. Plan lots of dream trips in my head. Decide to quit job and go live in Italy.

5. When move to Italy is complete, also get Vespa and ride around on the cobblestoned streets and drive dangerously handsome Italian men (preferably in linen suits with jackets thrown over shoulder and sunglasses) wild with passion, reducing them to whimpering puddles at the feet of the Spanish steps with a mere frown. Also, learn to make pasta by hand. Your grandmother could do it, so you can do it too.

6. Clean the house.

7. Go to Target for some simple black slides that will go with all of your black clothes, as it seems that summer is only two or three months away and that we may get some weather that doesn’t necessitate the black Simple boots at all times. Kind of like today.

8. Regret wearing black Simple boots to work today when it’s quite warm outside.

9. No, when I said “clean house” up there in number 6, I meant CLEAN THE HOUSE. Be embarrassed that tolerance for filth is what it is. Scrub that bathroom until it shines the the top of the Chrysler building, baby. Vacuum. This time make sure not to mistake actual cat for ball of shed cat’s fur and attempt to vacuum up by mistake. Maybe reorganize the closets.

10. On a related note, throw away entire wardrobe and buy entire new wardrobe.

11. Try to stick to budget this month. Regret buying all that stuff at Lush. No, wait. Don’t. Do take bath with Bath Bomb though.

12. Get onions and garlic at store to make Best Pizza Topping In The World For This Weekend. Decide not to share with the other kids.

13. Also, reorganize the kitchen cabinets. What’s up there on the top shelf, anyway?

14. Decide once and for all about going to Burning Man this summer. That will necessitate a whole new to do list, but think about that later.

15. Agonize about leaving Xan, current hair lady, to check out new pretty place that’s right by the Ballard Locks, which allows one to get one’s hair cut AND look at the fish ladders, though possibly not at the same time. Think about hair and despise it, but be glad in a general sense that you have (finally) eschewed the butt-length split ends for something a little more clean cut. Think about getting it cut really short, and tell self It Will Grow Back. Disbelieve that you just told self that.

16. Declare newfound love for stinky blue cheeses everywhere. Have no idea why it took twenty-eight years to appreciate the gorgeousness of Roquefort, Gorgonzola, Danish Blue, etc. Promise never to reveal to anyone that last night when you got home from work you shaved a little off (like only an ounce, okay?) and put it in a little ramekin bowl and put some balsamic vinegar on it and a few dried cranberries and just ate it right like that. Crazy, right? Blue cheese is one of the secret ingredients in the Best Pizza Topping Ever, by the way. So good. Decide once again not to share with anyone this weekend.

17. Go to at least a little of the Folklife Festival this weekend. Just like last year!

18. Okay, fine. Getting the hair cut short. Possibly this weekend. Not super short, but, you know, short.

19. Get one of those jobs where you don’t do much work but you get paid a lot of money.

20. Um, organize to-do list a little better next time. Or maybe just write a real entry.

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