Feb 03

Imagine, If You Will…

…what it would be like if Sundry and I went to JournalCon this October. Can’t you see it? Picture us leaning on the wall of the ballroom in the hotel, watching all the Cool Famous Journallers shriek with recognition, drink, hand out “swag,” and make karaoke plans. Picture us whispering and tussling and punching each other like fourteen-year old boys. In fact, picture the geeks lined up against the wall during the dance in Sixteen Candles. That’s us, but with journals.

Chiara: Hee!

Sundry: Hee hee!

Chiara: Heh heh! Here we are!

Sundry: Yeah! We’re here! Us!

Chiara: Said we wouldn’t go!

Sundry: Yet here we are all the same!

Chiara: Hee!

Sundry: Heh!

Chiara: Hey, it looks like that Cool Famous
Journaller is coming over here!

Sundry: Hey!

Chiara: Hi!

Sundry: Totally coming over here to talk to us!

Chiara: Totally! How’s my hair?

Sundry: Not too freaky! How’s mine?

Chiara: Good! Hair is good! Totally coming over
here! Totally coming…oh.

Sundry : Oh, man.

Chiara: Oh. Okay.

Sundry: Okay. Yeah. Not so much, coming over here.

Chiara: More of a not coming over here at all, I’d say.

Sundry: Yeah. Not even really near here.

Chiara: Wallflower much?

Sundry: Apparently.

Chiara: Heh.

Sundry: Okay.

Chiara: Uh…

Sundry: Should we give out swag? I hear they like

Chiara: Didn’t you tell me to shoot you if you brought
up “swag?”

Sundry: Aren’t you the one who wanted to make the “Sundry/Ampersand: Flying Halfway ‘Cross The Land” shirts?

Chiara: Aren’t you the one who had to be forcibly stopped from making statuettes of our faces to give out?

Sundry: Aren’t you the one who wanted to make a shirt that said “Ampersand and Sundry Mourning: A Little Less Content, But Much More Porning!” shirt? Porning isn’t even a word.

Chiara: Yes, but does “mourning” and ‘pimping” rhyme?
Sundry: Feh.

Chiara: Does it?

Sundry: Eh.

Chiara: No. No it does not.

Sundry: I’m just saying, they might like the chew toys and then they’ll go upstairs to their hotel rooms and read us.

Chiara: Were we able to squeeze both our URLs on there?

Sundry: They are a little cramped.

Chiara: Oh man. I knew we shouldn’t have come.

Sundry: For reals.

Chiara: Yeah.

Sundry: Mmm.

Chiara: So, uh…

Sundry: Yeah.

Chiara: Look!

Sundry: What?

Chiara: Over there! Look!

Sundry: Huh?

Chiara: Look, but don’t look like you’re looking! It’s Pamie!

Sundry: Whoa!

Chiara: I know!

Sundry: Should we…

Chiara: NO.

Sundry: You’re right.

Chiara: I know. Well, maybe…

Sundry: NO.

Chiara: We should.

Sundry: We shouldn’t.

Chiara: You’re right. Totally shouldn’t.

Sundry: No. Shouldn’t. Staying right here.

Chiara: You go.

Sundry: No way.

Chiara: Yes!

Sundry: You! You go if you want to go!

Chiara: I have only thirty readers! You go!

Sundry: You go!

Chiara: You!

Sundry: No, you!

Chiara: Will you just go! She’s right there! Just go and tell her how much you like the site and how it’s totally great about the book and the play and how she’s a great writer and an inspiration to journallers everywhere! Come on! Go!

Sundry: You go, groupie!

Chiara: GO!

Sundry: Give me some paper! Give me some paper! Give me the back of one of those flyers you made that say “Sundry Mourning and Ampersand: Just Click The Mouse With Your Right Hand!”

Chiara: Wuh? Huh? What are you writing?

Sundry: I’m going to pass her a note!

Chiara: Huh?

Sundry: Yeah! “Dear Pamie, Chiara and Sundry think you’re cool and we wondered if you would like to talk to us for just a minute we won’t take up too much of your time and also do you read either of us? Check this box Yes or No.”

Chiara: It’s…it’s BRILLIANT! Hork.

Sundry: I know!

Chiara: Okay, give it to her! Fold it up right and then just give it to her! Errrgk.

Sundry: Okay!

Chiara: Okay, go! Gaaak.

Sundry: Okay!

Chiara: Are you going? Yeeck.

Sundry: Don’t rush me! And what’s with those sounds?

Chiara: I think it’s that piece of broccoli I swallowed whole that time we had Thai in February. Are you going to go?

Sundry: YES!

Chiara: So go!

Sundry: Okay! Okay! I’m going! Here I go!

(Sundry scurries off to where Pamie is, throws the note near her feet, and rushes back to her part of the wall, where Chiara is fretting and biting her nails).

Sundry: Whew! Hoo! Man! Oh, man! I did it!

Chiara: You sure did.

Sundry: She’s going to pick it up any minute now.

Chiara: She probably reads us, like, every day.

Sundry: Probably she’s all disappointed when we don’t update.

Chiara: She’s probably, like, our biggest fan.

Sundry: Totally. She just stepped closer to it!

Chiara: That was so cool how you just threw that totally right near her feet.

Sundry: You think so?

Chiara: Oh yeah. You threw it really close to her. She’s going to pick it up any minute.

Sundry: Totally.

Chiara: Yeah. Oh. Huh.

Sundry: Oh.

Chiara: Yeah. So, no.

Sundry: Ah.

Chiara: Second time this has happened?

Sundry: During this conversation, even.

Chiara: Well. Okay.

Sundry: Yes. Fine.

Chiara: JournalCon RULES!

Sundry: I know, totally!