Late Links, and Heading On Out

I know I’m late jumping on the wagon with both these links, but I just feel the need to share them with you here. They both have sound and require Real Player or something along those lines, so be careful if you’re at work. Both these videos get better and better every time I watch them. Is that sad? You decide.


Free Porn! (not really porn. only sort of. in a really good way. your morals won’t be comprimised, I promise).

In other news, I don’t have very much, as usual. I crapped out on the oatmeal question and bought breakfast this morning. I wish reading journals was my full-time job. I think I’m going to quit my therapy gig in February. I got my hair cut on Wednesday by the excellent Zan, and I’m now thinking how I can work some $18 water-based styling pomade. I entertained the notion of getting a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment, if you can feature it. I’m just such a sucker for day-of haricut compliments, I can’t even tell you…and of course, this is how they work their magic on you, right?

Tonight I’m going out to a fancy dinner with this hot guy I know, and I’m going to give him the qejjdou juepuwrj I got him. He’s been making these grandiose claims about my present, like “I can’t wrap it at work because I need a sheet to cover it.” I’ve already told him that I already have a pony, to no avail. He just won’t listen.

And while everyone in Seattle is suffering through the darkest night of the year tomorrow (as in the sun set at 4:30 last night), I will be suffering through flying across the country during the holiday season. Without a non-stop flight. But it’s home to Miami for a couple of weeks, which I know is going to be fun, not the least because my sister will be there for the first time in several years. And there will be a Key Girl or three causing a moderate amount of trouble on our little island, and there’s going to be the beach (with the attending man-o-war infestation that winter brings) and some morros y maduros if I have anything to say about it. And there’s just being at home with my mom, which is simply the best thing ever, so I think I’ll have it made.

So there you go. Next time I write it will be from a little Mackle house two and a half blocks from the beach, with the jasmine tree in the front, and possible a lime tree in the back. In the meantime, enjoy your diversions up there that I gave you, okay? I think my favorite part is the part with the scarf. You’ll see what I mean.

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