On The Fly

I’m writing this at my Small Non-Profit Counseling Agency before my first client of the afternoon. Crazy! I’m used to writing on Carl’s extra laptop at his house which has the crazy DSL and the firewall and the AirPort and all sorts of fun gadgets. Not today baby! Today I’m a rebel! Instead of getting all my clients’ files ready to go and getting out my schedule book, I’m writing an update! Yeah! Woo!

It’s been a good week, except for the outcomes of most of the elections around the country. At least the monorail won here in Seattle. Now we’ll see if it actually gets built or if we jsut cut taxes some more so that we can use the money that’s supposed to go to social services and firefighters to make more roads. Did you not understand how that would work? Me either, but that’s how it sometimes goes here in King County. I’ve decided to start writing more letters to Bush and to my senators and everything, in an effort to be more macro about things. A start. Will it help? I don’t know. I’ll keep you updated.

Tonight I’m going to this thing on blogs that Carl wants to go to. I just found out that the person he really wanted to see, Rebecca Blood, whose blog I occasionally read and whom I admire very much, won’t actually be there. Dang. Gael from Pop Culture Junk Mail will be though, and though I haven’t read too much of her stuff I am looking forward to hearing her speak. Supposedly we’ll be going out for drinks with some of these folks. I’ll be lifting a tall frosty glass of root beer as usual, I imagine. This is going to be like when I met Omar last month and pretty much told Carl and the rest of my friends that they wouldn’t be coming out for dinner because they “woudn’t understand what we were talking about.” Right. Carl has been gracious enough to invite me to play with his friends, but the joke is going to be that I really won’t understand what they’re talking about. For real. But, like I said, tall frosty glass of root beer, mmm!

Also, we are allegedly going out for Cuban food tonight, before the panel. Cuban food. On the West Coast. I don’t know. I mean, obviously I’ll do all sorts of tawdry things for a plate of morros y maduros, so I have to at least try this place out. I just sort of feel that if you’re going to eat Cuban food (and why wouldn’t you? It’s yummy!), you should do it in either Havana or in Miami…and preferably in Little Havana. Which I never do, I usually just go to the La Carreta near my house, but whatever. Maybe you can have it in New York. But in Seattle? Land of salmon and wood-fired roasted vegetables, land of blackberries the size of your head, land of small farmers and fresh natural flavors? I just hope they use plenty of lard in the beans, is all I have to say.

And now, having said all that, I have to report that my mouth is totally watering right now. I’m starving. I love food. My session with my next client is going to go like this: “So, tell me about the foods of your childhood. Leave nothing out!” I pity my clients sometimes. Poor clients, to get a crazy hungry therapist.

Carl and I are going to the San Juan Islands over the long weekend, as I have Monday O-F-F and since we won’t be spending either Thanksgiving or Christmas anywhere near each other this year. It’s sort of funny to think that we have spent those holidays together for the last couple of years. I usually stay with his family for Thanksgiving and he usually comes home with me to Miami for Christmas or New Year’s. This year we’ll have to content ourselves with a long weekend on a beautiful (and rainy!) island that features a great state park and many cute little beds-and-breakfasts. Sounds pretty good to me.

Almost client time. I seem to have thrown another entry together out of little scraps of my life. I totally forgot to tell you all about my new pea coat (black) and polarfleece sweater (red) and hat (also red) and about the revelation I had last night, in which it turns out that one of my across-the-street neighbors is actually somone I work with and I just haven’t ever known it until now. We figured it out last night and hilarity ensued. Also, it’s My Friend Anna’s birthday tomorrow. But those are all stories for another time. Right now I have to practice my therapist face. It’s serious yet compassionate, concerned yet encouraging. A kind, helpful face. I try to be all those things when I’m in session. But you all know the truth, right?

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