Straight Good News

Hey there. Guess where I’m writing this from? My job! That’s right, I get the job back, and I am in at the office for something like an hour and a half now, and there’s no one else here, and so I don’t have a whole lot to do, so I’m writing a quick little entry to let you know that I guess all the praying and weeping and wailing worked, because yesterday after I got back from the pool there was a message on my machine saying, essentially; “Do you hate us now? Because if not, you’re totally hired and you get a comp day, too.” So here I am.

I put some paperwork in motion yesterday for another secret project which my taking this job will postpone, ironically enough, but I feel good about it. I mean, I need to work. All you who thought I was unemployed just because I like to sleep late and bake cookies? You were wrong. I mean, I do like to sleep late and eat cookies (I make fantastic biscotti, should you be in my neighborhood), but I also like money and health insurance. So here I am. Maybe next time I won’t get so hysterical when I get a job and then lose the job and then get it back within forty-eight hours, but you can never tell, right?

Oh, also. Remember I was going to make the rice pudding again? Just nod your head. Okay, well, I did, and it totally sucks, because I doubled the recipe and had this huge pot of milk which I managed, somehow, to burn, and the burned taste got all in the puddin’, and I added lots of extra vanilla, but it didn’t work, and so now I have this absolutely huge bowl of burned-tatsing rice pudding in my fridge. I guess I should throw it out, but I feel badly about wasting it. However, a taste test last night (“Maybe it won’t be so bad if it’s cold!”) confirmed that I feel badly about eating it too.

So, there you go. Assuming I keep this job into next week or even beyond, I’m sure I’ll have plenty to tell you about it, but until then, I just have to say how thankful I am that I have it.

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