Gearing Up

Does anyone out there want to date me? If so, I will make you cranberry muffins just like I made for Carl this morning. Maybe I will even not misread “1/4 teaspoon” as “1 teaspoon” of cinnamon…I mean, how did I even do that…and so the muffins might even be palatable. Just as an incentive.

The reason I mention this is because I’m going to be functionally single for the next six or seven weeks. That’s right, the bliss that is my love with Carl is going to be cruelly interrupted. We will be so close, yet so far. We’ll be doing the LDR thing again, for a limited time only…because Carl is going to summer camp! He got into this cool program titled, essentially, “So, You Want To Be An Architect?” So off he goes, to see if he does. I am hoping he will come back all Mike Brady and design me a nice split-level ranch house to live in. And can I say that going to a So You Want To Be A Social Worker summer camp three or four years ago would have an excellent idea in my case?

But anyway. So, this weekend we’re going to the great party the Alpine Butterfly Lodge hosts every year. We leave our respective houses tomorrow at 4:30 in the AM so as to make our 7:30 flight. Carl goes to Boston from the party, and I come home. I have already planned a return to some of my spinsterish behavior…which, come to think of it, is not really all that different from my I-have-a-boyfriend behavior. I think the main change will be that I will indulge my passion for A&E miniseries on video a little more fully. Oh, and also I won’t see the aforementioned boyfriend every day. So we’ll see how that works, won’t we? Fortunately I already sort of have two cats, so I won’t have to get any mailed in special or anything.

Carl and I started out sort of long distance in the most recent iteration of our relationship. He was in San Diego and I was in Claremont, and when we finally got around to deciding we like-liked each other, one of us would make the trip (about two hours) every weekend. This was, you understand, a big switch from the previous time, when one of us would make the trip every other weekend, as “just friends.” I liked this not a little because it guaranteed me something to do every weekend, if that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about my post-college social life. We had been together two or three months when it was time for me to move up here for grad school…after much hand-wringing, Carl came up another three or so months after that. So really, our first six months together were long distance of varying degrees. I’ll have to see if I remember how to do it. I think I do. You spend a lot of time on the phone, talking wistfully about what you’ll do when you see each other, right? In my case, you also write long emails detailing the minutiae of your day to your beloved, convinced he will not be able to sleep at night unless he knows what kind of dressing you had on your salad for lunch. You go out with friends a lot more. And you get really excited when you go to pick him up at the airport, and you even get a little dressed up, and at first you’re a little nervous being together, like being together in the same car, but then you remember what you like about this person, and gosh, it’s sure nice to see him smile. Sometimes you can hear him smiling, but seeing it is even better. So I’m looking forward to that…also to hearing about all the fun he’s having and his new best friend that he met in drafting class and he just can’t wait for the end of the summer talent show!

So that’s the big news. In other, not so big news, I still don’t have a job, thanks for asking, but I have had a couple of interviews in the last week or so, which is good, I guess. My mom’s in Italy. She was in France with her friend, but they just up and decided to go to Italy. She just wrote me an email in perfect Italian. Apparently she was speaking pretty darn good French while in France, too. All this made me get out my Italian journal and pictures (hi Marah!) and wish I could be back there right now. I feel like I’m due for a fun trip…everyone else seems to be having them, right?

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