Last Day

Only three and a half more hours at this “job” and then it’s on to the greener pastures of unemployment, where a clean house, organized bills, baking projects, daily swims, and regular trips to the library await me. Oh, right, and increased loss of self-esteem, not to mention cash flow. Oh. Hmm. Yes. Well.

But that’s okay. It’s going to be fine. Really, it will. I’m continuing to make calls and apply to jobs and trying to keep my spirits up. I’m thinking of this as a vacation. For now. Did I mention I got rejected from another job on Monday? Yeah. I sure did. But that’s okay, because I’ve applied to two more since then, and it’s all going to be oooooookay.

So, let’s think about positive things, shall we? You wanna know what’s going well in my life? Because, really, it’s not all gloom and doom around here, I promise. Let’s take a gander, shall we?

Night doesn’t start until 8:30 Remember when I was writing in January about how excited I was for spring because it meant I could have three lunches a day because the days last so long? Yup. On its way, baby. It’s so great. In spring flower news, the tulips are on their way out (in my yard, anyway), daffodils are still okay, cherry tree going strong, roses aren’t out yet, but hydrangea bush is getting more leaves on it and I know soon the beautiful blue hydrangea goodness will infiltrate my entire soul. Did you guys know that my Italian grandmother, my \nonna just loved hydrangeas? My mom calls them “Italian flowers.” I had no idea…I’d never even seen one till I moved to this house.

New bellydance class I’ve been taking this sort of beginning bellydance class for about two years now. It’s called the Goddess Squad, and it’s in a nice studio at the lovely Ballard Firehouse, and everyone there dresses up every week, and there’s a rotating schedule of teachers, and it’s all very nice. This girl runs it. I enjoy the class, but lately I’ve been wanting to do something a little more challenging, and so I’ve started taking a new class with a lovely woman (on whom I have the HUGEST girl-crush) called Ruby. Ruby is just the cutest. There is only one other woman in the class and we’re getting ready to perform at MedFest in July, which is this big bellydance shindig that I haven’t ever been to yet. We’re choreographing our section of a song, and each of the other two classes will choreograph their own bit, and then we’ll put them all together into a comely whole. We decided to use veils, and if the past two weeks are any indication, I will soon have arms of steel, just judging from the pain in them. I guess I’m just grateful we’re not doing zils, aka finger cymbals, because I’m horrible at those. Anyway, it’s an hour and a half long class, and at the end of it I always feel so excited and bouncy. It’s great.

Truffle class Ah yes, exactly what I need to learn how to make. Carl and I have been wanting to take this class for months now…we finally got in and it’s tomorrow and I’m all psyched up about it. Oddly enough, the guy who teaches it is also an oceanographer who works with Carl’s dad. Huh. Anyway, I’ve made truffles before from a Martha recipe before, and they were fine, but some of our “experiments” (“I know! Let’s dip each truffle into orange-flavored liquer before we wroll it in cranberries and cocoa powder!”) didn’t work out quite so well. It’s super fun to get all messy and chocolate-y…none of my mud pies have ever tasted this good, so I’m looking forward to getting really into it and tempering the chocolate and all of that. All this is really saying is that I’m looking forward to never buying Christmas presents again. Listen up, folks. Are you on my list? Put your orders in now, because that’s what you’re getting.

Title Nine Sale In more consumerism news, the company who sold me my new bathing suit decided, for some reason, to pack all their sale stuff into a truck and drive it on up to Seattle and rent a storefront in Ballard and sell their stuff here instead of Berkeley. So, as I have just lost my job, I figured that the best thing to do would be to buy a bunch of very well constructed sports bras, because heaven knows how much I work out and how desperately I need more stuff! Well, I don’t care. I’m going anyway. I’m out of work, you know? I need some jollies somewhere.

Props from My Friend Anna Okay, clearly this girl loves me, because she wrote me this email saying how she’d checked my journal when she was feeling stressed, and that my last entry…yes, my Cat Entry, if you can feature it…made her feel better. Isn’t that amazing! And by telling me that, she made me feel better, and so on and so forth, the circle of life, etc. Actually, I have to confess that this entire entry, pretty much, was born this morning as an email to Anna…so if you are not Anna, then this will all seem new and exciting, but if you are Anna, well, then, uh, I don’t know. Just let me know what color sports bra you want!

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